The micro geopolitics of conflict: India and China in context

International relations Conflict management China

Prof Sanjay Chaturvedi – Department of political science at Punjab University and Associate of the Indo Pacific Governance research centre- discusses his perspective on the common problem and new fault lines of conflict in both India and China. Drawing on his fellowship at the China- India Institute , at the New School of Social Research in India , he discusses the emergence of new social and political conflicts around the environment and other human security issues. He argues that we should pay attention to what he calls the micro geopolitics and its associated political contestation in both India and China.

This video is the first of the IPGRC's new initiative, the E-Note Series. This E-Note is presented by Professor Sanjay Chaturvedi (Panjab University), and was presented on May 3rd, 2013. 


The E-Note series is designed to provide a forum for the presentation of short and provocative ideas on key contemporary developments and debates in the Indo-Pacific.

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