The geographic distribution of Indigenous disability

27 May 2013

The rate of disability in the Indigenous population is substantially higher than for the Australian population as a whole. Despite the relatively high rates of disability experienced by the Indigenous population, there is surprisingly little research which provides basic descriptive information on where those Indigenous Australians with a disability live and what their demographic characteristics are.

This paper attempts to fill this knowledge gap by providing an overview of the geographic distribution of disability in the Indigenous population.

It has been written for the First Peoples Disability Network of Australia in order to support their aim to work towards better outcomes for Indigenous Australians with a disability. The second section of the paper provides an overview of the data used in the analysis, as well as a picture of the distribution of the Indigenous population.

The section that follows gives a comparison of rates of self-reported disability across the Indigenous lifecourse, with data also presented for the non-Indigenous population. The fourth section of the paper gives a summary of the rates of reported disability across 38 Indigenous Regions.

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