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1 Apr 2019


Pacific Small Island Developing States are often referred to as the “frontline” of climate change, facing an array of worsening climate-related shocks and stressors. However, despite their underlying exposure to climate change impacts, the role of Pacific Island cities as both an...


1 Oct 2015

This report constitutes the complete outputs of the climate vulnerability assessment carried out by RMIT University for Port Vila, Vanuatu throughout 2014. This activity forms part of the broader agenda for UN-Habitat’s Cities and Climate Change Initiative (CCCI) in the Pacific region.

Briefing paper

14 Feb 2015

This brief is presented as a synopsis of key policy issues that may either support or hinder efforts to reduce urban heat through increased green infrastructure. It highlights the need for co-ordinated efforts and identifies specific portfolio barriers and opportunities.


15 Oct 2013

This guide focuses on the use of green infrastructure (GI) to mitigate urban heat. GI is an effective means to minimise heat accumulation in the urban environment as it shades hot surfaces, increases evapotranspirative cooling and modifies wind patterns The guide provides advice on spatially...


15 Oct 2013

Dealing with heat stress in Australian cities is of increasing concern to decisionmakers. Indeed, heat is already an issue affecting Melbourne with people, buildings, and infrastructure all evidenced as being vulnerable to episodes of extreme heat. It is likely that without deliberate interventions the urban...

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