Submission to Australian Communications and Media Authority regarding children's television standards review

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This Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance submission to the Australian Communications and Media Authority focuses on the need for maintaining quotas for children's programs, the desirability of increasing the quotas, scheduling and promotion, the inadvisability of contemplating so-called tradable obligations and touches on advertising.

When the Australian Content Standard was last reviewed in 2002, it was anticipated that by now Australia’s television landscape would be in a state of dramatic change with the switch-off of analogue likely to occur in 2008. That has not happened. Apart from subscription television finally moving to profitability, little has changed. There is no multi-channelling. There has not been a proliferation of new channels, nor will there be in the immediate future. The reasons for maintaining the Australian Content Standard, including the Children’s Television Standards, are as compelling today as they were in 2002.

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