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5 Oct 2015

A diverse, independent media is seen as central to a functioning democracy yet tight government regulation in Australia has failed to ensure a plurality of voices.

Since the mid 1980s, while media ownership has steadily been deregulated, it has also become more concentrated....

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9 Jun 2015

How would you like to actively participate shaping government policies, not just indirectly through your vote? Citizen juries allow just that. State and local governments have started to use citizen juries to address issues like infrastructure, budgeting or reforming the electoral system. These participatory democracy...


5 Nov 2014

What is the influence of the media on leadership styles and practices in Australia? Some people claim that the national media are setting the political agenda. Others say that their influence is declining as people move to digital media for their news - or abandon...


25 Aug 2014

Does the ABC, or the Murdoch or Fairfax press, or any other Australian news media outlet, for that matter, have a discernible political or philosophical bias? Is it possible for journalists to be truly objective: neutral, detached, and leaving every skerrick of his or her...

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31 Jul 2014

A panel of experts discuss political leadership


Judith Troeth , former Liberal Senator for Victoria Rob Oakeshott , former independent member for Lyne Maxine McKew , former Labor MP for Bennelong Paul Strangio , Associate Professor of Politics at Monash University


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