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20 Jun 2013


The issue considered by this research report revolves around the broad themes or questions such as: what are we adapting to?; who or what adapts?; and, how does adaptation occur? The challenge that these questions create is that the concept of an...

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1 Jan 2004

This discussion paper "The Future of Australian Manufacturing: The Implications of Free Trade Agreements for Industry Development in Australia's Manufacturing Regions" brings together the findings from the AUSFTA Report and the discussion papers released as part of the NIEIR-AMWU work program. It also supplements this...

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1 Jan 2001

The port of Port Kembla not only makes a significant contribution to the economy of the Illawarra region, but has the potential to substantially build on its current contribution. Ports are important generators of economic activity. The most direct and obvious contribution to economic activity...

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