The wellbeing of Australians: carer health and wellbeing

3 Dec 2007

The impact of caring on individuals, family units and relationships is nothing short of phenomenal. It affects so many individuals and families. Most Australians will know someone who is a carer or who needs care because of disability, mental illness, chronic condition or frailty. Caring affects people in many significant ways – financially, socially, emotionally and in regard to important life choices like work, career decisions, whether to have another child and relocating to another city or town. For most people caring is part of being in a relationship or part of belonging to a family. These relationships and families need to be valued, supported and nurtured.

The carers group from the current Australian Unity Wellbeing study has a lower personal wellbeing index than any of the other groups. While this finding alone is concerning enough, it is compounded by the sheer number of people who make up the sample.

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