Dr Alison Evans at the future of international development in Asia and the Pacific conference

24 Jul 2013

Dr Alison Evans, Independent Advisor on Development, UK gives a keynote address titled 'Emergence, divergence and why poverty still matters' at The future of international development in Asia and the Pacific conference. This video was recorded on 10 May 2013.

Transformations in the global economy and international political order, and the growth of international private finance for development, are increasingly raising questions about the purpose and future of aid, particularly in the context of international discussions about the post-2015 global development framework. The scale of Asia's growth over the coming decades will make it the world's biggest economic zone, increasingly able to address its own poverty challenges and contribute to poverty reduction elsewhere. At the same time, Asia and the Pacific are at the centre of an array of global challenges that pose serious threats to development progress. By examining the outlook for aid and development in Asia and the Pacific, looking beyond 2015 from diverse perspectives, this conference will seek to make a distinctly regional contribution to a global conversation.

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