A listing and content of population surveys to measure aspects of wellbeing: Australian and international

Population Australia

This report is produced under the auspices of the Australian National Development Index (ANDI) project. The reason for generating this list is to document some of the most easily accessible population surveys concerning the measurement of wellbeing. This information may assist the preliminary qualitative phase of the ANDI project. The contents of these surveys may also be useful in the identification of ‘wellbeing domains’ for the quantitative phase of measurement.

This detailed compilation of surveys and indexes was completed mainly through searches using Google. During the initial stage of the search, key terms such as “wellbeing measures”, “happiness indicators” and “wellbeing surveys” were entered and only those surveys that measured development, happiness and/or wellbeing were selected. As a second step, relevant words like “national”, “international” and “community” were added to the key terms to expand the range of measures being found. To further refine search results to the various countries of interest, names of specific countries were entered along with the key terms. Finally, some of the measures in this list were discovered through links provided in websites found in the initial search. Most of the descriptive information regarding each survey was found at the ‘home’, ‘themes’, ‘methodology’ and ‘publication’ pages of the respective websites. Other information was obtained through the latest reports made available to public.

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