Politics, reviews and support for the arts: an analysis of government expenditures on the arts in Australia from 1967 to 2009

Arts Arts funding Cultural policy Political parties Australia

Using econometric modelling Kate MacNeill, Jenny Lye and Paul Caulfield examine the relationships between Australian federal government arts expenditure and the political persuasion of the government and government reviews of the arts and cultural sector. Their research adds to a number of international studies that have examined cultural expenditures in the United States of America, Austria and in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation (OECD) and finds little evidence that the political persuasion of the government had an impact on the level of cultural expenditures. Their results express expenditure relative to total government outlays, and similarly find no consistent evidence of a correlation between political persuasion of the government and funding for the arts—however, correlations are observed between government instigated reviews and arts expenditures.

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