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3 ways social media command centers improve newsrooms

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As the world turns digital, many local and global news sources struggle to stay afloat in the highly competitive, fast-paced social media environment. Media companies lack the resources for extensive teams and they no longer control distribution channels. Not only are they up against themselves, but they now face hordes of socially savvy citizens in a blog eats blog world.

But news is real-time, relevant, fast paced, engaging, sentimental and hopefully reliable - just like social media. So why are newsrooms and media companies struggling as we go digital; what’s the solution?

This paper explores the uses of social media command centers for newsrooms with the following potential use case scenarios: events, elections and crises.

From now until the next big thing, social media will be first on the scene at every event, election and crisis. But just because social networks are full of information and data, doesn’t mean the public is informed. What’s important is how newsrooms leverage the millions of extra eyes and ears on social to source information and drive traffic back to their stories.

With effective listening, newsrooms can track real- time, trending conversations on social channels and know exactly what excites a global audience. Once all of the organized, related data and conversations are laid out clearly, they can then add opinion and provide engaging content in the form of a story.

NB This paper is a piece of advertorial, written to promote the use of Hoot Suite.  However it will still be interesting to readers focused on social media and news gathering.  Free registration is required to download this paper

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