Leading with political astuteness: a study of public managers in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

Australia New Zealand Great Britain

This research is an example of the collaboration ANZSOG strives to achieve with its partners and stakeholders, involving researchers from The Open University, RMIT and ANZSOG, and supported by the UK Chartered Management Institute. It is a three-country comparative study investigating politics and political skills in the work of public sector managers.

Combining quantitative survey data from over 1000 middle and senior public managers, as well as qualitative data from 42 in-depth interviews, the study sheds light on how managers understand politics in their work; how they rate their own and their colleagues’ political skills; how they use their political skills; and how these skills were developed. The report also sets forth recommendations to improve the development of managers’ political astuteness at the level of the individual, the organisation, and the professional body/training provider.

Authors: Professor Jean Hartley, Professor John Alford, Professor Owen Hughes, and Sophie Yates.

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