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Learning to add value: fostering cultures of effective learning in the Australian Army

6 Sep 2013


Organisations remain relevant and competitive through their ability to harness and deploy knowledge in order to promote future success through adaptation. To this end, an organisation’s capacity to generate cultures which promote learning at individual, team and organisational levels is paramount. This article examines the significance of culture, and in particular, the role of learning cultures in the Australian Army as vehicles for individual and organisational development. In doing so, this article considers why it is important for the Australian Army to have effective learning cultures, how some learning practices can be viewed as more relevant or useful than others, and who is required to do the learning. The article concludes by emphasising the value of developing learning cultures in which learners learn useful things, and in turn, learning is made useful through organisational application. In this sense, we can regard learning as a process which holds much of value for Army.

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