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The impact of e-learning in social science education

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This paper covers the field of information and communication technology (ICT) as well as e-learning in higher education; and explicates how a change from the traditional teaching methods to a modified digital schooling might benefit the learning outcome for students. During the spring semester of 2012, at the University of Agder, I took a course entitled Media, Communication and Democracy, where I wrote a term paper with the title: The Medium Is the Message – a weapon of mass seduction. It included a short discussion of media power, and how the medium might become the message in given circumstances. The term paper has inspired me to continue the discussion of media, and its power in different settings, in this case higher education. This discussion is especially relevant and significant because of the importance of learning quality in higher education today. I am what one could call a ‘digital native’, born in the technological era. I have witnessed first-hand many of the changes that have already taken place with respect to the modernization in the education system. I think it is very interesting to analyze these changes, and contextualize the next step of the ‘digital classroom’. My intention with this paper is to shed new light on the discussion of this educational modernization.

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