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Covering the essentials

30 Jul 2013

Covering the essentials (1265.1 Kb PDF) is a report published by Good Shepherd Microfinance aimed at increasing access and affordability of insurance for people on low incomes.

The report shows a high level of latent interest in improving access to insurance for people on low incomes, both within the community sector and the insurance industry. The report makes 26 recommendations in areas such as insurance product design; measures to increase affordability of and access to insurance; increasing financial literacy and understanding of insurance; issues for microfinance providers; & future research and improving understanding of financial exclusion.

Following on from this report, Good Shepherd Microfinance will pursue home contents and motor vehicle insurance products designed specifically for people with modest assets and low incomes. The report also highlights  concerns surrounding alternatives to funeral insurance and opportunities to assist people on low incomes with other insurance needs

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