2008 Constitutional Law Conference

Law Constitutional law Australia

Papers from this conference are now available. Speakers were:

Associate Professor Graeme Orr, University of Queensland
The Right to Vote in Australia: Roach v Electoral Commissioner

Dr Andrew Lynch and Professor George Williams, University of New South Wales
The High Court on Constitutional Law: The 2007 Statistics

Dr Anne Twomey, University of Sydney
The High Court on Constitutional Law: The 2007 Term

Dr Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian
The Evils of Judicial Activism

Emma Armson, University of Sydney
The Constitutionality of Tribunals: Albarran and Alinta

Professor Geoffrey Lindell, University of Adelaide
The Scope of the Defence and other Powers: Thomas v Mowbray

Stephen McLeish, Victorian Bar
Limiting Commonwealth Powers and the Meaning of `Other Than State Insurance`: Attorney-General (Vic) v Andrews

The Hon Justice Catherine Holmes, Queensland Court of Appeal
The Federal and State Courts on Constitutional Law: The 2007 Term

The Hon Justice Robert French, Federal Court of Australia
Judicial Activists - Mythical Monsters?

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