Chris Masters: the battlelines of news and history

4 Oct 2013

Do the ADF really hate the Australian media? Are journalists only looking for access to battlefields so they can, "sniff out scandal, smear and slander"? It's one view from within the ADF. But it's a lot more complicated and nuanced than that.

Chris Masters delivers this lecture, The Battlelines of News and History for the History Council of NSW. According to the ABC journalist; embedded with your own troops and reporting a story from within "a coherent narrative is pretty hard to find".

Masters has delivered some of the best investigative programs for Four Corners over the years, and he's also played a big role in covering Australia's longest war - the conflict in Afghanistan. And it's this reporting and recording of history in the "now" that Masters concentrates on in this address.

Journalists at the front are recording history; but how effectively do they really function as historians?

If you're visiting the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, you can visit the exhibtion that Masters helped curate, 'Afghanistan: The Australian Story'.

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