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Personal relations in Russian politics

18 Oct 2013

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Date: 18 October 2013
Author: Graeme Gill
Publisher: Australian Review of Public Affairs (ARPA)
Owning Institution(s): The University of Sydney

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Title: Can Russia Modernise? Sistema, Power Networks and Informal Governance
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date Published: 2013
Author/s: Alena V. Ledeneva

In all societies there is tension between the formal rules governing all aspects of life and the informal norms, practices and principles that contribute to the structuring of that life.

In Russia, informal norms and personal relationships dominate social organisation, and cohere into a 'sistema' that structures life at the top.

A recent book 'Can Russia Modernise? Sistema, Power Networks and Informal Governance' by Alena V. Ledeneva explores the culture of 'sistema' and argues that it stands in the way of Russian political and economic development.

Read Graeme Gill’s full article in the Australian Review of Public Affairs.


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