Skilled migrant women in regional Australia: promoting social inclusion through vocational education and training

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This research report examines the underutilisation of the skills of migrants in regional areas, particularly women who are often the spouse of a primary applicant but are also skilled in their own right. It considers the interplay of the regional labour market, support services for migrants and the role education and training providers play in supporting the participation of migrants in the labour force and in other social activities. The research suggests social inclusion is increased for skilled migrants when they have opportunities to maintain and develop their professional networks and social capital, acquire Australian work experience including through volunteering, move into paid employment and feel safe and secure.

This work is one of three projects undertaken by the Centre for the Economics of Education and Training at Monash University, as part of their three year (2011-2013) research partnership with NCVER exploring the geographical dimensions of social inclusion and VET in Australia.


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