Indicators of poverty and disadvantage in Queensland

21 Oct 2013

Introduction: Queensland is a great state with great opportunities, but not everyone benefits from the opportunities on offer. There are thousands of people within Queensland who experience poverty and disadvantage on a day-to-day basis. This situation is concentrated in particular areas and among particular groups, resulting in individuals and families becoming entrenched in poverty and disadvantage for generations.

Reducing poverty and disadvantage in Queensland will benefit all Queenslanders. However finding the right solutions is not easy and much of the needed change will only come about through long-term and considered interventions. A strong evidence base is critical to developing and implementing policies, programs and interventions that are effective.

This report is a contribution to developing this evidence base, and an effort to raise awareness of both the extent of poverty and disadvantage in Queensland as well as the complexity and interrelated nature of the issues.

QCOSS will update this report annually, track progress over time, and use it to promote specific policies and investment by government that could bring about positive improvements in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders for generations to come.

QCOSS recommends that the evidence in this report be considered as the Queensland Government develops its vision for the state through the Queensland Plan, and that appropriate evidence based measures and targets are incorporated into that plan in order to track the success of future strategies and investments.

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