NBN Co annual report 2013

Information technology Broadband National Broadband Network Australia

This report details the current progress of the National Broadband Network.

Operational highlights

  • At 30 June 2013, NBN Co achieved its revised rollout target for Fibre premises passed of 190,000-220,000 with 207,543 premises being passed ]
  • During the year NBN Co passed an additional 134,655 Fibre Brownfield premises at an average of 539 premises per day
  • The increase in premises passed has seen 54 areas declared “Ready for Service” during the year; this has resulted in 109,301 premises being subject to the 18 month disconnection protocol
  • Overall Fibre (Brownfields and Greenfields) premises activated at 30 June 2013 were in line with the revised March 2013 targets. Take-up in areas that have been in-service for greater than 6 months was 37.6% at 30 June 2013
  • At 30 June 2013, end-users were ordering services at speeds higher than assumed in the current 2012-15 Corporate Plan. Positive trends have also been experienced with average speed provisioned across all Fibre end-users of 39 Mbps* at 30 June 2013
  • By 30 June 2013 NBN Co had deployed 22,736 kilometres of transit Fibre and 34 transit rings had been built
  • On 5 May 2013, NBN Co announced an update to its three year rollout plan with 4.85 million premises expected to have construction commenced or completed by June 2016. At 30 June 2013, NBN Co had construction commenced or completed in areas covering 1,199,808 premises in the Fibre footprint
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