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This is a publicly available version of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation's classified Annual Report, and provides insight into ASIO’s outcomes and activities.

ASIO is the only member of the Australian Intelligence Community to publicly release such a report which is a key demonstration of our accountability to Parliament and through it the Australian people.

This year ASIO:

  • investigated several hundred mostly Australia-based individuals who are advocates of a violent Islamist ideology;
  • managed the security threat posed by individuals working with al-Qa‘ida affiliated groups;
  • worked closely with partner agencies to identify and mitigate the threat to the security of government information from the 'trusted insider';
  • degraded the harmful activities of foreign intelligence officers working in Australia against Australian interests;
  • provided Australian Government agencies with intelligence on people smugglers to support surveillance, interdiction and disruption activities;
  • developed a new cyber defence and cyber protection capability;
  • was nominated for a Comcare award based on improvements in return-to-work outcomes and a significant reduction in time off work; and
  • implemented the ASIO Strategic Plan 2013–16 to capitalise on the achievements under the previous plan and to best place ASIO to respond to emerging threats to security.

Throughout 2012–13, Australia’s security environment continued to evolve, with the terrorism threat posed by traditional extremist networks and groups being compounded by the threat from self-radicalising lone actors. The Syrian conflict has resonated strongly in Australia and is likely to have a lasting impact on Australia’s security environment for the foreseeable future. The scale and sophistication of cyber espionage conducted against Australian Government and private sector systems has increased significantly over the reporting period, requiring a resolute response from ASIO and national security partners.

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