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5 Mar 2019

If we’re serious about improving access to mental health care, we need to look to online therapies.

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27 Apr 2017

Dynamic simulation modelling is increasingly being recognised as a valuable decision-support tool to help guide investments and actions to address complex public health issues such as suicide. In particular, participatory system dynamics (SD) modelling provides a useful tool for asking high-level ‘what if’ questions, and...

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27 Apr 2017

A component of Australia’s recent national reform agenda for mental health services is the directive to the Primary Health Networks to develop and implement stepped-care models of service delivery.

The current guidance proposes that interventions are aligned to mild, moderate and severe illness categories....


15 Apr 2015

The Commonwealth Government tasked the National Mental Health Commission with conducting a national review of mental health programmes and services. The focus of the review was on assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of programmes and services in supporting individuals experiencing mental ill-health and their families...

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12 Nov 2013


This paper explores the concept of collaborative care, particularly in relation to a range of new models of organisation and service that are emerging in response to one of the most problematic areas of public policy – mental health. These emerging models...

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