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Working paper

20 Feb 2018

This research found that firms with a high ability to learn tend to undertake research and development and be New Zealand-based multinationals. They also tend to be larger firms that employ high numbers of professionals, managers and technicians.

Working paper

13 Apr 2017

We use linked employer-employee data from 2004–2012, combined with individual qualifications data from 1994–2012, to study how graduates with different skills fare in the labour market in the six years after studying. We find that graduates experience improvements in earnings, and that they systematically move...

Working paper

12 May 2016

Summary haiku:

Productivity has risen. Thank entry and reallocation.


The construction industry contributes a large and growing share of the New Zealand economy, with total employment rising to almost 10% and value added (GDP contribution) rising to about 9%...


29 Jun 2015

This paper examines the impact of government assistance through R&D grants on innovation output for firms in New Zealand. Using a large database that links administrative and tax data with survey data, we are able to control for large number of firm characteristics and thus...

Working paper

18 Oct 2013


This study finds that participation in extracurricular activities significantly reduces engagement in risky behaviours among Australian adolescents. However, the effects differ by activity type, gender and to some extent by socio-economic status (SES). Participation in activities other than sports and arts reduces...

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