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9 Oct 2014

To mark Anti-Poverty Week 2014, the Don Dunstan Foundation spoke to three people working against poverty in the Playford area to gain a better understanding of the issues people in Adelaide's north face with regard to the Commonwealth budget and the looming closure of Holden....


12 Nov 2013

This Project encompasses the work of the South Australian Government's 2013 Music Thinker in Residence, Martin Elbourne. Over two periods of residency, Martin has worked and consulted with stakeholders - including venue owners, training organisations, musicians, regulators, councils, government departments and Ministers, and organisations across...


23 Feb 2008

Since 2003 there has been significant effort by the South Australian government to enhance Aboriginal peoples' employment outcomes in the public sector. Objective 6 of the South Australian Strategic Plan has an accompanying target to increase the employment of Aboriginal employees in the public sector...

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