3222.0 - Population Projections, Australia, 2012 (base) to 2101

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This publication contains projections of Australia's population by age and sex for the period 30 June 2013 to 2101, and projections of the states, territories and capital cities/balances of state for the period 30 June 2013 to 2061. Figures for 30 June 2012 are preliminary estimated resident population.

The projections presented are not intended to be predictions or forecasts, but are illustrations of growth and change in the population that would occur if assumptions made about future demographic trends were to prevail over the projection period.

While the assumptions are formulated on the basis of an assessment of past demographic trends, both in Australia and overseas, there is no certainty that any of the assumptions will be realised. In addition, no assessment has been made of possible future changes in non-demographic conditions.

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