Gen green: What young Australian tradespeople think of green skills

12 Dec 2008

The Gen Green project is an online survey targeting 2006 and 2008 WorldSkills Australia National competitors across a range of trades and skill areas. This survey explores the green skills in the young workforce to meet the challenges of a sustainable future. From previous research, “Growing the Green Collar Economy”, we know the green collar economy is a huge growth opportunity and we saw the need to find out from young skilled trades people what they think and how they are engaged with skills for sustainability.

In July 2008, Dusseldorp Skills Forum, in partnership with WorldSkills Australia, pioneered the inaugural Green Team project at the WorldSkills Australia National Skills competition delivering an Initial Environmental review, and an ecological and carbon footprint report, an environmental management plan (EMP) and template and the Green Award.

At this time experienced representatives from training, education and industry, who design and judge the projects that the young tradespeople undertake at the National competitions, were encouraged to introduce, or to emphasise existing, sustainable skills & practices. The Gen Green Survey also seeks to gain feedback from these past competitors on how green they think the WorldSkills competitions should be and which areas to particularly focus on.

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