An assault on our future: the impact of violence on young people and their relationships

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This report examines how violence against women specifically affects children and young people. It looks at the nature of violence they experience in their homes and their own relationships, its impacts, and the priorities for action if efforts to prevent violence among, and protect, young people are to be successful. It is widely recognised that violence against women is a significant problem affecting as many as one in three women in Australia. This widespread violence has impacts more widely on families and communities throughout our society.

The approach covers both 'primary' and 'secondary' forms of prevention. 'Primary' prevention refers to strategies aimed at preventing the occurrence of violence in the first place. 'Secondary' prevention refers to strategies aimed at reducing opportunities for or the likelihood of violence by supporting the individuals who are at risk of perpetrating or being subjected to violence. It is in this spirit that this report devotes attention to the children and young people who are already living with violence in their families. However there is an overarching emphasis on primary prevention.

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