Global migration: future prospects and challenges

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A panel of renowned international and Australian migration experts discuss critical issues, including: people smuggling and trafficking, irregular migration and asylum seeking, 'brain drain' and the emigration of skilled migrants from developing countries, and remittances. This event was presented by the HC Coombs Policy Forum at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy.

Since the first United Nations (UN) High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development was held in 2006, there has been significant progress in raising awareness of migration issues and enhancing collaboration between civil society, governments, and international institutions to respond to migration issues.

In a world characterised by political, economic, social and environmental volatility (alongside technological and communication developments), the direction and characteristics of migration have changed quite dramatically. We are now faced with new and evolving migration and development challenges. The need to promote orderly and safe migration, to enhance protection mechanisms, to uphold the human rights of all migrants, to effectively manage migrant entries and employment, and to respond to the economic and social needs of developing and underdeveloped migrant source countries, have never been more pressing.

In October 2013, the UN General Assembly held its Second High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development, which was positioned as a 'unique opportunity to take stock of the progress accomplished in the global discussions about migration policies worldwide, and to outline issues that still need academic research, [and] policy developments at [the] national, regional and global level'.

Panellists include:

  • Professor Stephen Castles, Research Chair in Sociology, University of Sydney (event Chair and panellist)
  • Gervais Appave, Special Policy Adviser to the Director General, International Organization for Migration
  • Professor Graeme Hugo, Professor of Geography and Director of the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre, University of Adelaide
  • Dr Khalid Koser, Deputy Director and Academic Dean, Geneva Centre for Security Policy
  • Kathleen Newland, Director of Migrants, Migration and Development and Refugee Protection Programs, Migration Policy Institute


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