Disability action plan 2014–16

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This paper outlines a range of principles and actions that the Australia Council has committed to over the next triennium to ensure people with disabilities have equal opportunity to participate in and contribute to the arts.


Our plan focuses on the following three goals:

  • Leadership

There are some strong leaders with disability who work within the arts and disability, Disability Arts and Deaf Arts spaces. The Australia Council acknowledge current leaders and will provide further opportunities and encouragement to people with disability to fulfill their potential as future leaders, to contribute both within and beyond the arts and disability sector. The Australia Council aspires to be a leader in the area of disability, arts and accessibility practices. We appreciate diversity and acknowledge the value of the representation of people with disability in leadership positions, across our workforce, governance and in our stakeholder groups. We are committed to removing barriers that people with disability face when accessing opportunities. We aim to be an example of good practice for other organisations to follow in terms of how we engage with people with disability and benefit from their expertise.

  • Accessibility

People with disability have rights to equal access and the Australia Council is committed to improving access across all areas of our organisation. As we embark on a significant period of change across our organisation, this is an opportune time to consider accessibility in the re-design of our funding structures, systems and processes, building space, human resources and communications approach. Over the next three years, we will be particularly focused on improving the following forms of access: physical, intellectual, attitudinal and communications.

  • Arts Practice

Australia is proud of our recognised artists with disability who are regularly invited to perform on the world stage. Our artists and companies are acknowledged locally, nationally and internationally as leaders in both the arts and disability fields across a range of different areas of artform practice. We are conscious of the different types of disability arts practices and how disability may influence work. The artistic resources, cultural capital and potential of artists with disability need to be fostered and unleashed to further contribute to Australia's cultural narrative. We aim to assist in doing this by increasing access to funding opportunities and awareness raising through promotion and advocacy.

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