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10 Aug 2009

In this book chapter Rob Atkinson shows how the ICT revolution, not globalization, is at the heart of the social and economic transformations of the last quarter-century.

In his chapter, “Globalisation, New Technology and Transformation” (192) , published in Social Justice in the Global...


14 May 2009

This US article offers 10 guiding principals for creating technology policy that spurs and sustains digital progress.

Innovators continue to find new ways to use information technology (IT) to make our lives better. Looking forward, IT will continue to be a critical component of...


5 Mar 2009

This report from US think-tank ITIF argues that supporting the deployment of faster broadband networks will be crucial to enabling next-generation Web-based applications and services that will play important roles in improving quality of life and boosting economic growth.

While getting broadband service to...

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