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12 Nov 2016

Where we might see a lovely ornamental detail on a building a burglar might see a handhold. Burglars see buildings very differently so we explore the intimate relationship between design and crime.

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2 Dec 2015

What is a good death? The past two decades have seen more than sixteen state or federal attempts – and failures – to create a law in Australia that allows voluntary assisted death. Polls show support for such laws. But our elected representatives hesitate to...


25 Nov 2014

Climate change is intensifying, but along with the repeal of the carbon tax, the price of coal has dropped – making it more appealing as an energy source. What lies ahead … for Australia and the world?

The Australian economy is largely propped up...


4 Feb 2014

Terra nullius was long ago exposed as a myth – and this was enshrined in law with the Mabo case in 1992. But if we acknowledge that Australia was colonised on a lie, then what should we do about it? How do we compensate for...

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