Angela Rintoul

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8 Mar 2019

This report presents a novel mixed-methods study of a social phenomenon that has not yet been well explored: the relationships between place, social circumstances, gambling and harm. It compares two socially distinct areas of a major city (Melbourne, Victoria) to identify a range of issues...

Discussion paper

1 Sep 2017

This paper argues that well-designed electronic pre-commitment system can prevent and reduce harm from Electronic Gambling Machines (EGM) use.

Journal article

24 Sep 2014


The use of electronic gambling machines (EGMs) in Australia and New Zealand constitutes the largest sector of the gambling industry. The costs arising from the harms of gambling detract significantly from its benefits, and in all Australian jurisdictions various policy measures have...


24 Jun 2010

The impetus for this investigation stemmed from reports that the prevalence of depression and anxiety amongst the Afghan population in South East (SE) Melbourne is particularly high. These reports came from both Afghan community members and health and community workers. This qualitative study identified and...

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