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Journal article

30 Nov 2016

The theme of this article is current developments in community governance (see, for example, Rolfe, 2016), but it comes with a warning: this is an area where definitions are extremely difficult and it is easy to become distracted by semantics, rather than focused on the...


30 Nov 2016

Editorial note: Local government in New Zealand exists within a fairly well-defined narrative. New Zealand is the most centralised nation within the OECD. Central government is by far the dominant partner in the central-local relationship and recent innovations in local government have tended towards further...

Literature review

30 Nov 2011

This paper introduces community governance to an Australian local government audience and provides the foundation for further research on the topic. It summarises the findings of a literature review on community governance from a local government perspective and sets out the theoretical underpinnings.



1 Jan 2011

This project was undertaken as a collaborative research venture between the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG), Local Government Association of South Australia (LGASA), and Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ). Each wanted to take a fresh look at the issue of consolidation in...

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