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14 Sep 2018

This report shows just how much solar energy could benefit Victorian high schools. If a 100kW solar system was installed in all of the 418 Victorian public high schools, the results would be game-changing.

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1 Feb 2018

A range of actors involved in energy transitions are increasingly interested in ‘community renewable energy’ (CRE) for a multitude of reasons. Energy Policy has published articles exploring CRE since 2008. CRE has proven to be a diverse field: having emerged in different contexts and having...


29 Sep 2016

Power is gradually returning to South Australia after wild storms blew across the state last night, but some areas could be offline for days.

The storm - associated with heavy rain, lightning, and severe winds - damaged transmission lines that carry electricity from power...


22 Mar 2012

This report seeks to assess how well the National Electricity Market serves the long term interests of Australian consumers by considering in detail these two issues: What does “the long term interests of consumers” mean? How well is the National Electricity Market performing when measured...

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