Fourth annual survey of Australian attitudes to climate change: interim report

Climate change Public opinion Australia

This is the fourth in a series of publications examining Australians’ responses to climate change.


This report presents the basic findings of a survey undertaken in July and August of 2013 with 5219 Australians. The survey forms part of a longitudinal research program investigating the ways in which Australians think about climate change. These respondents included a cohort of 2202 people who had undertaken two or more of these surveys since 2010. We present a snapshot of current Australian attitudes and behaviours relevant to climate change, and an analysis of changes in attitudes since 2010.

The survey was administered online using a representative group of respondents from across metropolitan, regional, and rural Australia. Respondents were drawn from a research-only1 panel of 300 000 individuals. The panel used for this survey was administered by ORU, an online fieldwork company with QSOAP 'Gold Standard' and Global ISO 26362 accreditation. The demographic profile of all respondents corresponded closely with the population characteristics of Australians, although among repeat respondents, males and older respondents were overrepresented.

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