The abuses of realism and Australian security interests: the 2007 defence update

13 Jul 2007

Richard Tanter of the Nautilus Institute writes that the Australian Defence Update 2007 'comes after a decade of constant and still unfinished increases in defence spending, a tripling of domestic security spending, huge weapons systems orders, Australian defence Forces deployments from Lebanon to the Solomon Islands, three large and extremely demanding deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor, and world politics turning on the hinge of a massive strategic miscalculation by Australia’s closest ally.' Tanter argues that the Defence Update is a 'deeply flawed policy document, shaped by double standards and selective learning, shortsightedness and a botched use of realism, the aggressive demands of alliance maintenance, and an almost complete failure to consider the real and salient threats to Australian security - both the state- and human- versions - of global problems such as climate change, health and poverty.'

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