TalentNZ: menu of initiatives directory

12 Mar 2014

This project aims to contribute to a discussion on how New Zealand might move towards a talent-based economy by exploring ways to grow, attract, retain and connect talent.

The TalentNZ Journal, and in particular the 30 interviewees, showed us that cities and towns have an increasingly significant role in bringing about a talent-based economy. By managing the four pillars – grow, attract, retain and connect – in an integrated way, New Zealand is more likely to become a healthy, dynamic and interesting place to live over the long-term. The cities and towns that have the vision, the tools and the commitment will become great places for talent to live. In March we visited councils and towns and in some cases held public meetings. Throughout this tour, with your help, we hope to create a list of tools – what we are calling the TalentNZ Menu of Initiatives. Our focus will be on how best to identify and communicate those tools so that councils can design their own unique strategy for creating a talent-based economy. Therefore our focus is on how best to identify and communicate the tools that work.

This Menu of Initiatives Directory is accompanied by a Worksheet designed to allow you to identify and describe initiatives you believe should belong in this Direc- tory. We will be updating this Directory over the next few months and would wel- come your thoughts or additions. Please email with your feedback before the end of April 2014.

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