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Alex M. Russell, Alex M. T. Russell

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23 Aug 2018

This study is the first to consider and directly compare the social networks of non-gamblers and non-problem, low risk, moderate risk and problem gamblers. It highlights the distinct role of social influence, likely through normalisation and social selection, not just of gambling, but also experiencing...


15 Aug 2018

This study examined the impact of approaches to wagering marketing, including inducements, on vulnerable adults. Findings from the study show that wagering advertisements and inducements increase betting expenditure.


15 Aug 2018

This research examined the effects of ‘push marketing’ – direct promotional messages such as text messages, emails and phone calls – on wagering operators’ account-holders.


3 Dec 2015

This study aimed to determine the nature and relative intensity of stigma for problem gambling in Victoria, and to analyse how this stigma is perceived and experienced by different groups. It also considered how stigma may impede treatment and interventions among first-time and relapsed help...

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7 Feb 2014

Abstract: This paper aims to analyse the gambling activities and problem gambling risk factors for Indigenous Australian men, a topic which has previously drawn very little research attention. Using quantitative methods, we obtained a convenience sample of 1,259 women and men at Indigenous festivals,...

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