Pacific highways: a spotlight on New Zealand

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Contemporary New Zealand is undergoing a period of profound change. Migration from across the Asia Pacific region is reshaping the country, with Auckland now said to be the most multicultural city in Australasia.

To celebrate this Kiwi renaissance, author Lloyd Jones, whose Commonwealth Prize-winning novel Mister Pip graced the big screen last year, has co-edited Pacific Highways, the latest edition of the Griffith REVIEW.

What are the points of overlap between the two countries, and with New Zealand forming a whole new demographic identity, what does the future hold for our neighbours?

Contributor Alison Wong, whose first novel, As the Earth Turns Silver, won the 2010 New Zealand Post Book Award for Fiction, and Anton Blank, author and Maori child rights activist, join Lloyd on this panel to explore the exciting new direction for New Zealand culture.

Chaired by Julianne Schultz, editor of Griffith REVIEW.

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