A case study of gender responsive budgeting in Australia

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This case study focuses on gender responsive budgeting at the federal level of government in Australia. Gender responsive budgeting is an analysis of the impact of the budget on gender equality and a process of changing budgetary decision-making and priorities.

The annual publication of a gender budget statement by government is a vital component of any GRB initiative. Australia, by making the Women’s Budget Statement the centrepiece of its GRB initiative, has made important, although uneven, progress over its 30-year history.

This report provides a historic account of gender budgeting in Australia in its three broad phases over the last 30 years. It makes recommendations for using gender budgeting policy mechanisms to highlight gender issues in Australia and make progress towards addressing gender inequality.

Rhonda Sharp is Adjunct Professor of Economics in the Hawke Research Institute at the University of South Australia. Ray Broomhill is Adjunct Professor of Labour Studies in the Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre at the University of Adelaide.

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