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14 Jun 2015

The Family Court is one of the most controversial institutions in Australia. It’s also one of the least scrutinised.

In a number of Family Court cases, where claims of child sexual abuse have been made against a father, the court has switched care from...


3 May 2015

What do we really know about men who abuse their partners and how they do it?


There’s no such thing as a typical perpetrator.

There are the family men who don’t even realise they’re abusive, the master manipulators who terrorise...


14 Sep 2014

A common provision allowing foreign investors to sue host governments has become a ticking time bomb inside trade agreements like the soon to be signed Trans Pacific Partnership. Some countries are now refusing to agree to the provision and are questioning its legal legitimacy. Jess...


27 Apr 2014

With Australian electricity prices amongst the highest in the world, more and more households are going solar. The big power companies say the Renewable Energy Target is undermining their businesses and they want it wound back. The federal government agrees, so who is to blame...

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