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1 Oct 2018

Despite the unease many feel about the United States at the moment, the idea of a U.S-led world order is still attractive to most. When asked which would be better for the world, having China or the U.S as the top global power, people in...


1 Feb 2017

Debates over what it means to be a “true” American, Australian, German or other nationality have often highlighted the importance of a person being born in a particular country. But contrary to such rhetoric, this Pew Research Center survey finds that people generally place a...


12 May 2014

Summary : This Pew Research Center report examines public opinion in the European Union. It is based on face-to-face and telephone surveys in seven EU countries: France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. Interviews were conducted March 17 to April 9,...

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