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29 Jul 2015

Overview: The delivery of Australia’s new amphibious warships, HMAS Canberra and Adelaide, is an important milestone in the ADF’s quest to develop a strategically relevant amphibious warfare capability. Australia’s position in the world makes the effort a strategic imperative, but the ADF still has...


1 Jul 2015

The ANZUS Alliance in an Ascending Asia

Editor’s Foreword

Welcome to a special edition of the Centre of Gravity series. This is a jointly published report with the Centre for Strategic & International Studies.

In 1942 it was said that Australia...

Journal article

16 Sep 2014

This article traces the role of amphibious operations in the evolution of Australian defense policy. It argues that the Australian experience with amphibious operations has been ironic, in that while Australia’s military forces conducted them in both world wars to support its interests and those...


30 Mar 2014

The Abbott government should abandon its pledge to spend 2 percent of Australia’s GDP on Defence, argues this report.

Executive summary

• In 2012-13 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was used to measure and define the debate over Australia’s Defence spending.


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