This symposium was an in-depth exploration of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation's (CCI) influence, impact and contributions since 2005, as well as its ongoing agenda.

CCI engaged with academic colleagues and industry, government and community partners to reflect on and debate the Centre’s contributions, and to chart pathways forward.

Below are the following audio and PowerPoint presentations available from the event. Each name links to their audio, followed by their PowerPoint (PP) presentation or video, if available.


Welcome and introduction: Arun Sharma, Stuart Cunningham

The creative economy: idea, evidence, debate: Ian Hargreaves, Lisa Colley (PP), Stuart Cunningham (PP)

Knowledge innovation: John Hartley, Jason Potts (PP), Ian Hargreaves (video), Xiang Ren (PP), Henry Li, Wen Wen (PP)

Youth and syn: hope for the future: Julian Thomas, Jon Staley (due to a technical issue, the first part of this audio is not available), Aneta Podkalicka (PP)

Work's future: Roy Green (PP), Greg Hearn (PP), Ruth Bridgstock (PP)


Limitless information (PP)Brian Fitzgerald, John Gilchrist, Kylie Pappalardo, Ez Mahajub, Kunle Ola, Ben Atkinson, Ian Hargreaves, Anne Fitzgerald

Tomorrow, the World...: Jonathan Hutchinson, Elaine Zhao, Henry Li, Michael Keane - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Closing remarks:  Stuart Cunningham, Jean Burgess

Book launch: A Short History of Copyright by Brian Fitzgerald and Ben Atkinson, launched by Justice James Douglas of the Supreme Court of Queensland (doc)

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