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A wider lens: taking a closer look at employment in the screen industry

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This article takes a closer look at people working in the screen industry, and their jobs. It builds on an experimental series published in 2012 that uses Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED) to supplement the Screen Industry Survey.

The Screen Industry Survey is an annual survey of all businesses working in the New Zealand screen industry that create, broadcast, distribute, or exhibit screen content. This article uses existing datasets to find new information about New Zealand screen industry jobs and the people who do them.

People working in the screen industry

The total number of people who worked in the screen industry in 2012 was 15,700. Just over half of all people working in the screen industry (9,000) worked in production and post-production, closely matching the proportion of total revenue generated from this sector ($1,654 million out of $3,290 million). However, the relationship between revenue and the number of people employed is not always simple, as different sectors have different labour needs. Only about one-quarter of people who worked in the screen industry worked in broadcasting, which was responsible for about 40 percent of revenue, while almost 20 percent of people worked in exhibition, which was only responsible for 5 percent of total revenue in 2012. 

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