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11 Aug 2015


The period 2006 to 2014 has seen an approach to the national support of eResearch infrastructure by the Australian Government which is unprecedented. Not only has investment been at a significantly greater scale than previously, but the intent and approach has been...


15 Jun 2014

According to Professor Tom Cochrane from the Queensland University of Technology there's a growing contrast between the speed at which research and science are being carried out and our capacity to share this knowledge as quickly as it's gathered. This question of access has led...

Journal article

6 Sep 2013

This article presents a framework for utilising mobile social media to support collaborative curriculum development across international boundaries.


Within the background where education is increasingly driven by the economies of scale and research funding, we propose an alternative online open and...


7 Jun 2010

This paper provides an overview of the potential of the integration of mobile Web 2.0 tools (based around smartphones) to facilitate social constructivist pedagogies and engage students in tertiary education.

Built on the foundation of four years of research and implementation of mobile learning...

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