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Dr Nicholas G. Evans is a philosopher and bioethicist living in philadelphia and an adjunct research associate at the Centre for applied philosophy and public ethics, Charles Sturt University, Canberra. Dr Evans’ primary research focus is the dual-use dilemma in the biological sciences, and ethical issues in regulating scientific research that poses a security threat to human health and wellbeing. his first volume on military ethics, the Routledge Handbook of Ethics and War, was published in 2013. he has also written on the ethics of emerging military technologies, professional ethics, public health ethics, and friendship. From January to March of 2014, Dr evans was a visiting fellow at the Monash Centre for human bioethics in Melbourne; in July he will commence as a postdoctoral Fellow in advanced biomedical ethics at the Department of Medical ethics and health policy, university of pennsylvania.

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6 Jun 2014

This edited collection examines the ethical trade-offs involved in cybersecurity: between security and privacy; individual rights and the good of a society; and between the types of burdens placed on particular groups in order to protect others.


Governments and society are...

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