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15 Aug 2017

Background : The geographical maldistribution of the health workforce is a persisting global issue linked to inequitable access to health services and poorer health outcomes for rural and remote populations. In the Northern Territory (NT), anecdotal reports suggest that the primary care workforce in...

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29 Jan 2015

This case study describes the evolution of a remote area Aboriginal primary health- care service and analyses the key factors instrumental in bringing about effective and sustainable changes in health-care provision.

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26 Jun 2014

Improving access to primary care in remote communities for the management of diabetes results in net health benefits to patients and cost savings to government, this study finds.


Objective: To evaluate the costs and health outcomes associated with primary care...

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2 Nov 2012

Psychosocial safety climate (PSC) refers to a specific organizational climate for the psychological health of workers. It is largely determined by management and at low levels is proposed as a latent pathogen for psychosocial risk factors and psychological strain. Using an extended Job Demands-Control-Support framework,...

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1 Jun 2011



To compare workplace conditions and levels of occupational stress in two samples of Australian nurses.


The research adopted a cross‐sectional design, using a structured questionnaire.


Health centres in very remote Australia...

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