It’s probably no surprise that Aussie teenagers love the internet—82 per cent of Australian teenagers aged 14 to 17 see it as at least very important in their lives, while half go so far as to say it is extremely important. But what are the key online behaviours of this age group and how do they compare to adult Australians?

This snapshot presents the latest research on the digital life of Australian teenagers. Unless otherwise stated, data is sourced from Roy Morgan Research.

Check out our infographic for a graphical representation of the data. 

Key trends

While teenagers are active participants online, this report shows that they are not the main drivers of growth and development of the digital economy. Compared to adult Australians teenagers—not-surprisingly—generally have lower incomes and fewer opportunities to fully benefit from online transactional activities, content and services. However, despite these limitations, the activities that teenagers do undertake online are preparing them to fully engage in the digital economy later in life (Figure 1):

  • 89 per cent have a mobile phone
  • 69 per cent of mobile phone users have a smartphone
  • 56 per cent use their mobile phone to go online
  • 72 per cent go online more than once a day.
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